About Us

401069_10151660423924859_1931693798_nMy name is Beth and I live in the MidWest with my husband and four children and another child waiting for us in heaven.  We have a large goldendoodle dog and a small cat.  I’m 47 but tell my children I’m 30…one of these days, they’ll believe it and forget my true age!

I truly believe that God will take care of all our needs.
I believe that humor will get you a long way. If you can laugh at yourself, you can laugh at life.
I believe that being nice will not only make others appreciate you but make you appreciate yourself as a person.
I believe that having girlfriends in your life provides the sanity that we need as mothers and wives.

Kevin – Operations Supervisor for a logistics warehouse.  Good sense of humor, loves to grill and loves anything football.
Beth – Project Manager for a market research company, would rather be a stay-at-home mom. Loves craft projects, knitting and usually has several projects in the fire, although never do I get the time.
Samuel – 14yr old leader of the pack. Loves to play football and wrestling and plays the clarinet. Diagnosed with ADHD and ODD.  Very loud!
Caden – 12yr old independent thinker.  Also loves to play football and wrestling.  Likes to figure out how things work and is content in being alone!
Isabella – 9yr old bundle of BIG personality.  Bosses her older brothers around as none other. Currently into singing/active/dancing in the community children’s theater and loves to draw.
Evelyn — Baby of the crew and at 7 years old, is the loudest and sassiest!  Is the cuddler of the bunch and still loves hugs and kisses.  Enjoys being a girl scout and soccer.
Audrey — Our Angel in heaven.  Born in 2001 with Trisomy 18, she only lived 10 days.  Although she is not here with us in our earthly world, I cannot wait to be with her again in our heavenly world.


8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. again…so well written Beth! **you sure ‘nailed’ the kids personalities! 😀 missed you… i so love reading your posts! good way to start my days!!!

  2. This is the first time I have seen your blog, very impressed. You are very good at organizing your thoughts and share so much. Great job!

  3. This is the first time that I have really read your blog and it is very good. I also loved your photos and of the picture of the old barn. You mention the smell of books, I love the smell of antique stores and a box of crayons, and of course mulch, and skunk smell on a country road. I enjoyed reading this tonight.

  4. Hi Beth….just googled myself and found your site here and nnoticed you listed my book in your Currently Reading list…FAB!!!! Join me on FB..if you haven’t yet..VIA my web site…www.puttingyourkidsfirst.com Hope you enjoy my book and find it helpful!!! Hugs, Barrie

    1. So glad you visited my site Barrie and I’ll definitely join on Facebook. I’ve suggested your book to many of my friends! It has helped and I’m still reading!

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