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Memories of Vacation Bible School

This morning I dropped my offspring off at Vacation Bible School, or VBS as it’s more commonly called nowadays.  It brings back such memories of when I was a little girl, walking to the local church in our neighborhood.  We grew up in one of Indiana’s “small towns” and so in that day, you could pretty much walk anywhere and be and feel safe.

When I went, I can remember us doing the bible drills, where the class would sit in a group with our bibles closed and the leaders would  yell out a verse and then we would flip through our bible to see who could jump up and start reading it aloud first.  I remember making leather wallets and playing dodge ball out in the parking lot.  Nowadays, wow, things have changed and it’s much more “high energy” and they really get the kids to interact with the morning activities and learning about God.  I go to drop them off yesterday at the church where I had to “drive” them to and we come in to a big gymnasium, divided by flag color and the music is blaring and all the kids are hyped up!  They still have all the activities planned and each kiddo came home with some cute little craft, that has ended up in the bottom of my purse tote bag.

Yesterday the kids had to wear a specific “color” of shirt so that their first day was more of a “I’m in a group” day.  Today — crazy hair day.  Last night, a 10:13 precisely, we pile into the truck and head to the local Wal-Mart because yours truly, forgot to stop and get hair paint before baseball last night.  I would have loved to come home, wash the dirt and grime off me from the baseball fields, but no, the kiddos would not leave me alone or let the idea go,  and so above their moans and groans, I grabbed the keys and said “come on, let’s go!”  Glad I did because I was able to grab this shot below — bunny ears and all.  Tomorrow is backwards day, Thursday is crazy hat day (where to find those?), and Friday, back to wearing a specific color.


I absolutely love the idea of VBS — learning about God, being with your friends, and time away from the daily routine of summer, which let’s face it, we all know the kiddos get bored.  Did I mention that I’ve signed up for two more in July!?!


One thought on “Memories of Vacation Bible School

  1. I too, have fond memories of VBS. Making stuff out of popsicle sticks and singing all those fun little songs…The Bible tells me so, this little light of mine, etc….I was thinking about taking Lydia to one, but I have never gone to a church here and I doubt if Raj would like it, although he went to Sunday school as a kid in Canada too. Maybe next year….

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