Meal Plan

Meal Planning Monday

I’ve been wanting to meal plan for a long-time now and have given it a go a couple of times before but failed miserably after the first week or so.

This time though, I set myself up for success; found an excel spreadsheet, customized it for the month complete with dates, etc and went grocery shopping the weekend before the meal plan begin. In our home, we do the majority of grocery shopping all in one trip for the whole month and then make “mini” weekly trips to either the farmer’s market or the grocery for the fresh lettuce, fruit, etc. that I may need.  It took me a good week almost to get this meal plan down, revising, going over schedules, etc. and finally finished it and so I’m posting the second week now and will continue to post weekly, hoping this will motivate me to stick with it!

Now, keeping a few things in mind, my hubby works the night shift on Monday and Tuesday each week and so I made those more “kid-friendly” meal days and then my 2 boys have football conditioning on Tues and Thurs nights as well and so we are gone for two hours.

Week of July 9th:

Monday:  Spaghetti with bread and salad (I use frozen ground turkey instead of beef)

Tuesday:  Lil’ Ceasers pizza and breadsticks  ($5 pizzas on payday…can’t resist)

Wednesday:  Pork with Marinade; grilled corn; green beans

Thursday:  Joel’s Grilled Marinated Chicken; baked beans; salad

Friday:  Crockpot Meatloaf;  Rice; Broccoli

Saturday:  Chicken Tetrazzini;  Rolls;  Green beans

Sunday:  Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, Rolls

I will say that I planned meals for the month and did NOT go over budget for this month’s trip and so I was pleasantly surprised and motivated by this fact!  I did use coupons too but did not go out of my way to match coupons up with sales, etc. and did not “extreme” coupon although it would be nice to get to that  point one day.  Stay tuned for next week’s menu and I’ll let you know how this week went.


One thought on “Meal Planning Monday

  1. nutritious, time smart, economical for all the mouths you have to feed…& great tasting too!
    ** “SOS” was once in every 7 days when i was a kid ~ Samuel, Caden, Isabella, Evelyn AND Kevin have to give you a huge THANX for that NOT being on your list Beth !! 😀

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