It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I have always loved this time of year…the winter season and the snowfalls we receive, the “good tidings and joy” expressed by neighbors and friends, the parties and the gatherings!  But add having children in the household and it really brings the holiday spirit up a notch. The excitement they express in watching the holiday shows and movie, baking cookies, seeing Santa and all things kid-like really does bring a joy to a mother like no other.

Now that the kiddos are getting a bit more older and refining their crafty skills, it seems I receive a bit of Christmas spirit each day in what they bring home and it makes they day end on such a good note!  Usually they hand it to me and I’ll find something to do with it or it’s special enough that they will keep it tucked away in their school folders or backpacks until the right time to show me.  Some have made it into the trash, like the 12 + foot green and red link garland that we just couldn’t quite find a home for and after a bit of thinking, Caden decided he had enough fun making it and we could throw it away (whew, crisis adverted of how to store that sucker!)!  Then we have things that make it in to the car after elementary school and preschool and sometimes they make it on to the fridge or the tree and sometimes they just stay in the car!  Below are a few of the fun examples that have come home this week!

Small crafts like the ones above make me smile because I can imagine the joy that my children have when making these and expressing their creative sides — to them, it is a beautiful piece of artwork.  Even when I had to ask Isabella what the bottom craft was and she replied to me that it’s a “snow globe mommy — can’t you tell?” and I respond “oh YES…I see it now”…it brings me happiness because I can see that’s she proud that she made this creation to add to the holiday decorations in our home.  To me, it’s a reminder that YES, there IS a Santa Claus and it comes from sharing in the belief of the innocence and joy that children bring to this season.


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