Eddie—A Tradition

Meet Eddie…

he’s OUR very own Elf on the Shelf.  He came to us on December 15th of 2008 and the nice FedEx man delivered him to our doorstep so that when we got home from school and work, there he was!  We got him just as the popularity of this tradition was taking off and I tell you now, if you have small children in your home and don’t have an Elf on the Shelf, go order one NOW!  This is the funnest little tradition known to families.

If you have no idea what an Elf on the Shelf is, go here to see what all the fun is but in simple terms, the Elf travels back and forth to Santa every night and tells him who has been bad or good!  If you touch him though, he will lose his “magic” and not be able to travel back and forth between his home and Santa.  If he falls from where he is perched, you must leave him be…we take this very seriously in our house!

In our house, Eddie always comes on December 1 and although I told the kids last night when I tucked them in to bed that he would be coming throughout the night, the screams and squills that I heard this morning when they spotted him up on our kitchen shelf were priceless!

Trying to find a different place for him each night is also fun (and yes, sometimes tedious) for Kevin and I and as I’m sure you can guess, there have been nights in years past that I have actually woke up in the middle of the night realizing that I FORGOT TO HIDE HIM!  Last year one night, we did forget, and I told the kids that they must have been bad that day and Eddie chose not to tell Santa and that it was their warning!  We do try to get creative and hide him in different rooms, in the Christmas tree, on window sills, etc. Theeennn, on Christmas Eve, before we go to bed, the kids tell him bye and after they are all fast asleep and the Christmas presents put out under the tree, Eddie goes back in to his box for safe-keeping.


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