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Thankful Tuesday!

This year, especially, I am thankful for some much.  It’s been a long year with so many ups and downs but it looks as though my family and I will be ending the year on a good note.  For today’s post, I give you 24 things that I am thankful for…one for each day leading up to and the day of Thanksgiving.  Some serious, some silly.  These are in no particular order…just typing as I think of them.

1. My in-laws.  What a blessing they have been to Kevin and I and the kids throughout the years and especially in the past two years as we dealt with Kevin’s layoff, etc.  I am truly thankful that I enjoy being with my in-laws and enjoy their company.

2. My sister.  She is my best friend, my voice-of-reason.  It’s weird for us not to communicate somehow, someway each day.  She too, has just been a huge blessing and influence in my life and I am so thankful that we have kept our “sisterly” bond all these years.

3. My husband.  He is the calm one between the two of us when life gets hairy.  I appreciate this quality about him although sometimes I secretly wish he would stress out with me to make me feel normal!  ha!

4. My kiddos.  I was telling a neighbor this morning that sometimes I wake up and think “wow, I have kids”!  Having children is the hardest, most enjoyable thing anyone can do but wow, what an adventure they provide!

5. My dad.  I don’t see him as much as I would like but I love my dad.

6. Extended family such as Aunts and Uncles that love you and support you just as much as if they were your own mom and dad.  My brother-in-law for his willingness to help us with car problems or fix things around the house!

7. Our church.  Our church is just so alive and I really enjoy getting refreshed and energized when I go each Sunday. Church to me is like taking your car to the gas station…a place to get refueled for the week.

8. Eddie, our dog.  He is so sweet and loving and sometimes, you just need someone to put their head on you and show you that they appreciate you; no matter what…he does that.

9. Good neighbors.  Truly, I love our neighbors.  A good portion of us on the street have lived next to each other for over think we all have the general feeling that we would help any one of us out if we needed it and I love being able to walk down the street and see everyone out and say hello.

10. A job.  And one that I actually enjoy.  I have a good work/life balance in my position and in having four kiddos and a hubby that works evenings; it’s what I need.  My boss is just a really good person to work for and I just really can say I enjoy it.

11. Technology.  Think about, I am able to drive down the interstate at 70 mph, carrying 4 children in the seats behind me, while they are playing their games on their hand-held DS and I’m talking to my sister on a phone that’s the size of a credit card.

12. Food and water.  I think about various countries around the world such as Africa, where children are still dying for lack of water, and I appreciate that even some nights if we have to eat only hot dogs and chips, other children would think that it’s a feast.  It’s all in your perspective of things.

13. A washer.  Sounds simple and stupid maybe but can you imagine having to do laundry for 6 people by hand?

14. Knowledge of knitting.  Again, maybe another silly one, but it seriously calms my nerves and soothes me in the evenings after I’ve had a long day with work and the kiddos.

15. Medications.  Samuel has ADHD and when he doesn’t take his medication, it’s a bumpy roller coaster ride.  But with them, he acts like any other normal 9 year old would and for that, I am thankful.  I know many people may scoff at this one but for our family situation, it’s the right choice.

16. Samuel’s sense of humor.  Samuel was blessed with a wonderful sense of mischievious and humor!  He can make me laugh out loud at times.

17. Caden’s sweetness.  Caden is my “cuddler” and loves to hug and be told that I love him.  I appreciate this and hopes he always keeps his loving nature about him.

18. Isabella’s sassiness!  Wow, she truly is something but it’s because of this, I know she’ll do fine in life.  She’s so confident in herself and I love that about her.

19. Evelyn’s age.  She’s at that age where everything is so new, learning new words, curious about everything but yet at the same time, still wants and needs her mama.  Love it.

20.  Seasons of weather.  I am thankful that we get to see God’s handiwork all throughout the year with the various seasons…the coloring of the trees in the fall, the uniqueness of each snowflake that falls in the winter, the beautiful spring flowers and then warmth of summer days,.

21.  Sunsets and sunrises.  Reminds me that YES, there are new days and chances to get another day right.

22.  My home.  I often envy those that have bigger, newer homes; ones with basements, one with big yards; those who have land out on a farm — but when I think about basic necessities and what’s important in life, I know that we are blessed in that we DO have a home that keeps us sheltered from the weather, keeps us warm and provides a place for us to be together each day.

23. Family Dinners such as those on Thanksgiving.  What a great thing to do, get together with all your family to catch up on news and laugh and have a good time.  We all should do it more often than just mainly Thanksgiving and Christmas.

24.  God’s unending love and mercy.


One thought on “Thankful Tuesday!

  1. YEAH…SHE’S BAAACK [& in a BIG way] !! gotta go ~ lots stil to read …Thanx Beth!!
    Happy Thanksgiving for this [i learn so much your blog should be accredited] ! 🙂

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