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Everything that could go wrong…

Because of the vast amount of my weekly ramblings, you can easily go down two posts and see that my hubby finally found a job after 2-1/2 years of being laid off.  We’re thinking “awesome, we’re gonna get our financial lives back in order and our lives are going to vastly improve”!  Here is where enters the sarcasm…YEAH, RIGHT!!  I feel like we’re auditioning for the main roles in a remake of the movie “The Money Pit“.

In the past TWO days…yes, TWO…

• Our heater/furnace decides only to work when it feels like it — not when we NEED it to but whenever it decides to produce some warm air into the home.  Now mind you, when it hits about 28 degrees around 4:00 in the morning, this is NOT one of those moments when it decides to work. Usually around 3:00 in the afternoon, when the sun is at its highest and moments of spring can be felt outside, is when it likes to decide to kick it in to high gear and show us that there IS  life in this metal contraption that has sucked numerous amounts of $$ out of us already.

• The heating element in our oven decides to catch on fire and then break in half…AS WE ARE COOKING dinner for 4 kids.  Luckily for us, Little Caesar’s offers $5 pizza’s because that’s what we had for dinner that night.  Luckily again, my brother-in-law knows somebody who knows somebody that can get us a heating element for $45 and he can install it.  Crisis adverted.

• Next up, the panel that surrounds the front and sides of the washing machine popped off!  Hubby saw that it was coming off, pulled the machine out, looked for loose screws, nuts, bolts, or anything resembling something that would have held this on and there is NOTHING to be found.  Duct it.  That’s my solution.

• And for the finale, just this morning, our garage door broke.  I rushed home from the bus stop because my oldest spawn decided his hands were cold and he needed gloves and so I drove the 10 houses home and got the gloves.  Doing record time, I hit the garage door button thingy and down came the garage door and promptly stopped halfway.  Of course my thinking that by hitting the garage door thingy 10 more times will make things miraculously fix this problem, I immediate hit it 10 more times.  Still nothing.  I can’t even pull down the lever bar that allows you to go into “manual” mode.  At this point, girls strapped in their car seats looking wide-eyed out the window at me, I proceed to laugh, hysterically.  WHAT ELSE CAN GO WRONG?  You know those moments where you think to yourself that if any of your neighbors could see you, they would think you were crazy and delusional?  I was soooooooo there and didn’t even care.  Luckily a neighbor didn’t think I was crazy and came to my rescue and was able to help me un-jam the lever bar and get the door down.  Crisis adverted…for the moment.  Still has to be fixed but at least this isn’t one of those FIX RIGHT NOW items because as you can imagine, we’re a family with 4 kids — we can barely get the bikes in our garage, let alone a car or two!

So at this point, I really can’t image what else can possibly go wrong other than the house burning down around us and truthfully at this point, I don’t think it would even phase me if it did!  I know this is one of those times in our lives where we will look back and again, laugh hysterically as to how we survived but right now, all we CAN do is…

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