Vegetables, fermenting yeast, rashes and one job.

I cannot believe that almost a month has gone by since I’ve even touched this blog.  Seriously.  I can’t.

I’ve read all the “how to write a blog and keep it interesting” articles and the #1 rule is that you’re not supposed to write a topic about why you haven’t written.  Well guess, what?  Again, being crazy like that and living on the wild side, I’m going to give you not one but NINE things, in observance of it being SEPTEMBER 1rst today, that have been going on in our lives in the last month which have kept me from writing.

1.  Kevin (hubby) FOUND A JOB!!!  After two and half LLLOONNNGGG years, he received an offer letter a week ago Friday and started yesterday!  Do I even need to begin to tell you how excited we are!?

2. Kevin getting a job means that all the kiddos had to go into after-school care, as well as daycare, which meant I had to take the time to find one that we liked!  This is always hard as you realize that the people you meet are going to be the ones caring for your babies and although you may have an instant connection with a person at one place, you realize that another place may be best for your child’s growth.  Such a balancing act to find the right place.

3. Football and baseball.  The boy’s sports have begun which means practices and games and more practices and more games.  Come the end of October, we’ll be sitting around inside thinking wow, now what do we do? but for right now, it’s run, run, run.  I love having the kids in sports because being part of a team teaches so many good things about being part of life and so while it keeps us extremely busy and often times, eating dinner at 8:30 pm at night, I don’t mind it.

4. I turned 42 in August.  ‘Nuff said.

5. Baby girl has yet ANOTHER rash.  Seriously, this poor thing.  She now has a sinusitis rash and it has spread ALL over her.  She wimpers during the day, cries during the night and today, had to go to the doctor to get an antibiotic for it.  Second day in daycare and I’m already being called and have to go to the doctor.

6.  School started.  On top of the boy’s games and practices, we now have homework and spelling words and papers to sign.  I can’t even imagine next year when Isabella starts kindergarten.

7. We have mold in our vegetable garden.  Things were growing, things were dying and then came mold.  All over the cucumbers.  But, I’ve managed to get this, get FOUR green beans from our plants, 1 cucumber, lettuce and 4 grape tomatoes.  I think I have a future in being a farmer — what do you think?  (I think next year I may need to stick to the local farmer’s markets!)

8. Amish Friendship Bread.  This stuff is to die for — it smells like an old musty bar while it’s sitting on the kitchen counter but I’ve been sucked back in to “mushing the bag” and as the yeast ferments and am now on ROUND #3 of this stuff and love the taste of the cinnamon and sugar in the bread.  The whole family does. and it’s wonderful for breakfast.  (If you want a starter, comment below and we’ll talk!)

9.  Did I mention that KEVIN FOUND A JOB!!

So that’s all folks.  That’s been our month in a quick nutshell and I actually do miss writing weekly and will get back into the “groove” of things eventually!

One thought on “Vegetables, fermenting yeast, rashes and one job.

  1. Publishers are you listening?! sign a contract w/ this woman! ;D
    ah, amish bread…been 30 yrs since we passed around a ‘starter’ {USN housing} 🙂
    baby girl…like her aunt wendy..?? praying day care doesnt give her even more to deal w/ ~ back to school always a rough month…oh & did you say kevin is a working man again 😀
    **i have some reading & catching up to do! A BIRTHDAY too?! SO SORRY! #38 is the best !! 😀

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