Just me and the girls!

My number #1 advice to a woman as they are getting married is to have at least one good girlfriend and develop/hang on to that relationship because you will need them throughout the years — find someone who you can relate to, knows where you’ve been, and where you want to go.  I am fortunate that I have a “group” of women that I can do this with…they are all my girlfriends from college and seeing as I graduated in 1991, we’re going on a 20-year relationship!

This past Saturday we had a reunion and it was extra-special because it was actually one in which ALL 10 of us were able to attend and be in the same picture (usually one of us is taking it)!  With the exception of Chrissy, who I met in high school and is sitting behind me (far top left), we all met in various years of college, right as we are trying to find who we were as we grew into women. We’ve  watched each other get married, have babies, adopt babies, cry with each other as I buried my first baby,  experience divorce, loss of jobs,  promotions in jobs, you name it.  And although we don’t see each other nor talk quite as often as I wish,  I know that I could call on any of them if needed and they would help me.

We enjoyed that night just listening to each other tell a story, laughing at the kids that we brought with us (another unusual), talking about our relationships with our husbands, sharing recipes of the food we brought and just general catching up on what we’ve all been up to.  Life gets hectic and so it’s nice to take a few hours and take the time to share life with one another.


One thought on “Just me and the girls!

  1. oh beth this is deserving of an 8×10 at least to put somewhere to remind you how you are loved..and judging fm how many of you there are…thats a LOT !! [kids came too?! wow! how do you all look so calm & collected w/ no hairs standing on end]?! thanx for shaing this really special photo and for the perfect words of wisdom. {i have 1 friend left [in MD], Karen, of ‘the bunch of us USN wives’ and she was here for me after Stephanie passed w/out me even asking}. Its a positive memory among so many awful ones. We are blessed in ways that really matter arent we!

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