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Lessons from my dog

This is Eddie.  Does he not have the cutest, biggest nose known to dogs!?

Eddie is a 2-year old goldendoodle (don’t let the word “golden” fool you; yes, he’s black) and I am in love with him. Eddie is very much another member of our family and with his size, he’s about as big as some of the children.  He’s about 80 pounds of pure love and I truly believe he thinks he’s a small dog…he would love to sit on your lap given the chance.  Every now and then, when he thinks no one is looking, he’ll sneak his way on to the love seat, which at his size, takes up the whole seat!

I can honestly say that in all my years of being a dog-owner, Eddie hands down, has to be the best behaved dog I’ve owned. He is excellent with the children, doesn’t nip or bark at them, loves chasing the bunnies that run through our yard, manages to get Evelyn in the face with his large tail every time he walks by her and give him a little bit of lovin’ and you’ve won him over for life.

Here are 5 things I’ve learned about life from Eddie’s point of view:

1. When a family member comes home, go and greet them so that they know you are excited to see them and you are glad they are home!  Kisses make it extra special.

2. If you get offered the chance to go on an adventure, go for it.  Don’t pass up the chance to hop in the car and explore!  There’s a huge world out there waiting for you.

3. When someone shows you love with a pat on the back, accept it and continue to show them that you appreciate them appreciating you!

4. Each day is a new day and you never know what can be found right in your own home — no time for boredom.  A treasure may unearth itself right in your own back yard!

5. Sometimes a breather from life is needed and it’s okay.  Go find a quiet spot where you can give yourself a small break, take a nap, or just watch others at play.


2 thoughts on “Lessons from my dog

  1. OH you totally nailed canine family members Beth!!
    wish i had never listened to dick purport allergies
    as somedays i really need/miss dog love ! xo : )
    **how ever did you capture this photo…it needs to
    be submitted in a pet contest ! 😀

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