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Impeti…what? Ewwww!

Here in Indiana, the humidity levels and temperatures have been so high that it’s almost been unbearable.  This past Sunday, the kids were all playing out in the pool and I noticed that Evelyn had just a bit of a rash under her arm.  I figured it was heat rash and to be honest, didn’t think too much about it.

By Tuesday morning, the poor thing was so miserable and had whimpered through the night while sleeping that I knew we were dealing with something other than just a simple heat rash!  We made an appointment with pediatrician that day and found out that she has what is called Impetigo.  Never heard of it but boy now I am eddduuccaatteeed!  I know way much more than I ever wanted too about this because not only does one of the four children have it now, three do!  It is THAT contagious!  However, our pediatrician believes it started with one of the older children and worked itself down to poor baby girl.

How we think our family got it was because of the high rate of mosquito bites that the boys had from camping and playing into the early evening hours.  They then itched and itched and that’s how it started running rapid!  So I can only now stress the use of bug/insect spray if you are going out in the evenings!  I think for us, evening play has now been ruled out!


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