Garden Goodness!

Yesterday evening, going into my garden and picking my bibb lettuce for the first time, I felt like Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away where he builds the fire on the beach and is so proud that he was able to do it by himself using two sticks of wood.  I felt like shouting to the world, look what I grew from seed and am now eating!!  I did shout it out to 455 of my closest friends on facebook!

If you remember from this post here, we started a garden in our backyard, unsure of what would be productive since this was our first year doing any type of vegetable gardening and the spot we chose, doesn’t get FULL sun.  I am proud to tell you, that I went into our backyard last night, picked lettuce, chives and basil and washed and prepared the lettuce and served it for dinner along with the chives!  Both the hubby and I agreed that it tasted fresh and mild and it was actually good.  I say that about it being good because we had heard that you have to pick it at the right time or it can taste bitter, etc. and so I believe I was expecting this and so when I took my first bite, I was impressed to say the least!  I hadn’t messed it up!

I also picked many leaves off my basil plant and have decided to try and dry these and then put in glass jar for future use.   Here’s some of those leaves:

Stay tuned as we still have onions, zucchini, squash, corn and cherry tomatoes that are expected to produce some sort of harvest and you know if I was happy about lettuce and basil, just imagine how happy I’ll be if we are able to eat grilled corn on the cob!  Happy eating!


One thought on “Garden Goodness!

  1. Beth ~ i can rmbr both the grandparents & George & I would have gardens everywhere we moved & when we visited Indy. The girls loved ‘harvesting’ all the food @ all 3 places [eggplant, bibb lettuce, raspberries, [no luck on the brocolli], carrots, tomatos & squashes. Diane even had sunflower seeds fm her experiment.]. I say CONGRATS to you…& it really is a visual for kids to learn & grow! Both the girls turned out to be excellent cooks like you. Who knows maybe you have the next Paula Dean or Emeril right there standing next to you !! 😀

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