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Freedom Festivities

What a beautiful weekend for the celebration of our country’s independence!  It was sweltering  hot here in Indiana, the kind of sweltering where you step outside and the humidity just makes you instantly start beading up with sweat.  Lovely, eh?  But, the evenings were just cool enough where you could feel a small breeze come across and it was actually enjoyable, which made for fun evenings to see the fireworks and celebrations.

We started our celebrating by going to the next town’s firework show on Sunday night and had a perfect view.  Monday, we went to our town parade and got there early to try to ensure a spot in the shade, which we successfully found.  The kids get anxious about “waiting” for things to begin, but hey, isn’t that the fun of it!

When things finally got underway, we heard the firetruck’s sirens indicating they are coming.  The children hurried and each got out their bags to stash any of the candy that the parade participants threw to them and some this year were even handing out frozen popsicles…such a blessed treat on a 90 degree day!

We got to see old-fashioned cars and firetrucks and the kids (and the adults) got a kick out of the various horn noises that they made.  There were donkeys, baton twirlers, kids on roller skates, the local politicians of course, and in simple terms, it was just good ol’ fashioned fun. celebrating our country.  We couldn’t believe that the parade lasted just under and hour and it went quickly, what with so many things to catch and see!  I asked the kids if they enjoyed themselves and they replied by asking if we were coming next year and so that tells me it was a good time had by all!

After the parade, we headed home to have a cookout with Kevin’s family and below is a new dessert I tried this year, Jello Patriotic Pie. It was fun to make something new for the holiday and always a bonus that it was very easy to make. With the kids, always a hit since it’s Jello!  We all agreed that you had to mentally get out of your mind that you wanted it to taste like “pie”.  It obviously looked like a pie but tasted like jello and so it was a mind-over-taste thing going on — it was very light and refreshing though and good for a summer day.

And of course, after the cookout, we left early to go get a good spot for the fireworks display in our town and again, much-anticipated waiting by kids.  However, they had fun playing with and lighting sparklers!  Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed your celebrations.

As you can see from her outfit, she was quite dressed up for the occasion!


2 thoughts on “Freedom Festivities

  1. Very well done Elizabeth! You beautifully captured the day and events with photographs and your blog. Looks like you and your family had a wonderful memory making day.

  2. look at you, being all creative. Way to go, nice way to show off the kidos and the dessert. You are so good at this kind of stuff. Nice job.

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