Going into the draft…

Somehow.  Someway.  Hubby was invited to be a VIP at the Pacers Draft Party (think professional basketball) tonight here in Indiana.  While we love to watch sports on TV, let’s be realistic…we have four children — we can’t afford to actually go LIVE in person to see sporting events.  When he showed me the invitation  which arrived in the mail, I looked at him and said “how did this happen?” while visions of us schmoozing with the big tall guys we’re dancing around in my head?  Shrugged shoulders tell me he has no idea.

The letter gave instructions of how to reserve our “spot” and so I immediately went to the computer and input our information.  It then said to wait.  Which we have.  Patiently.

Tuesday, hubby gets a call from the Pacers and some nice young gal asks Kevin if we’ve received our tickets yet and Kevin politely tells her that we have not. She then asks if we’re new to the area.  Nope, born and raised right here in Indiana.  She asks if we’re season ticket holders.  Nope.  She asks if we would like to be.  Sure but we can’t afford them.  Hmm, she says…she too has no idea how we got invited.

Nonetheless, the tickets arrived in a nice little package yesterday and tonight, we’re off to schmooze.  We’re looking forward to it because it’s rare that Kevin and I get to go anyone alone out on a date.

If the party is anything as exciting as we hope it will be, I’ll post some pics and a review tomorrow!

6/24/11 Update:  Weeellll, let’s just say this event was one of the most unorganized things we been too in a long while.  After waiting in a group that made me feel like one of the herd, we were ushered in to the concourse of Conseco Fieldhouse only to wait in lines that were forever long and find out that the buffet was nachos and hot dogs and trust me, I could have made a better nacho dinner at home.  Nor did we see any players and get the schmooze…my visions quickly faded away.  At one point, Kevin looked at me and said “if we leave now, we can get home by the time the Pacers make their pick “and I said “let’s do it” and away we went, racing to get home.  With this said, it was still nice to get to be together for a few hours alone as a couple and we discovered that hey, we still have the ability to have conversation outside of the kids!


2 thoughts on “Going into the draft…

  1. & the sponsor of this event got what out of this promo ?! well, we have all
    been to similar ‘herd parties’ Beth so like you said it DID get you & Kev
    alone for awhile & w/out it when would that have happened. WOW! you
    also to to see downtown! some changes & construction going on arent
    there! thanx so much for the great read…as pr usual ! 😀

  2. Very nice baby, I loved being out with ya, I look forward to more opportunities in the future, I hope LOL.

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