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The Smell of a Book

I’m a reader. Of books.  The kind that  you hold in your hand and then put a book mark in to show where you left off. Remember those rectangular things that come in various sizes and weights?  I’m also one of those people who love the smell of the ink on paper.  When I open a book and flip-flap the pages and stick my nose to it, I know I’m home. I use to work for a book publisher and when we would get our samples in of books that had just been printed, oh how I loved the smell of fresh ink!

I see this new age of the electronic book readers and can honestly see the convenience of them but yet, I haven’t been able to give in to it. Now if someone wanted to throw one in my lap and say , “eh, keep it”, I won’t lie — I would be ecstatic and jump up and down for joy! But give it a bit and the newness, the fun of it all, would wear thin and then I would miss the physical feeling of having a book in my hand and flipping the pages, setting it down on the nightstand, only to come back to it the next evening.  I usually have 3 or 4 books going at one time too — one on my nightstand, another one underneath that book and usually one in my purse or work bag to read at stoplights/traffic jams!  It’s amazing what having a book in the car can do for your mood when you find yourself stuck in traffic.

I also go to at least once a week, if not more, and look through the books that are out or that others recommend and when I find one that “need,” I don’t need to buy the “new” hard/soft cover — I’m okay with “used” — those that feel and smell as though they’ve had a bit of life breathed in them.  Just last week, I was able to buy 2 books that I discovered I needed for only $7 and that was with shipping!  $7 people!  For 2 books!  What a steal!  If the space in my house was more agreeable, I would have a huge wall bookcase of books that I have read, tried to read and will come back to and then another section of those still to  read.  For now, I have to give in to one bookcase, in my bedroom.  For now, I go to the library.

Do you remember the smell of the ink on paper from when you were in grade school from when they were run through the mimeograph machine!  (Am I showing my age here?)  I can still remember that smell as though I had just picked up a sheet yesterday!


One thought on “The Smell of a Book

  1. Greetings from Berlin, Germany.
    I found out about your blog by reading the dailypost from wordpress.
    I also like the smell of books, new books. There´s something to it. Thank you for your post.
    an ordinary woman

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