Cherry Cola Ribs

We tried a recipe for a glaze for pork ribs this past Sunday and we’re giving it 4 out of 5 stars!

It’s not really a BBQ type flavor and so if that’s what you’re looking for, this isn’t the recipe for you, but both Kevin and I agreed it was a mellow flavor and nice for a change of pace away from the typical BBQ flavor.  I found the recipe over here at Pie Birds, Buttons and Muddy Puddles and after reading and liking the fact that she used “boneless”, decided to give it a try. I’ll let you go to the link to get the recipe and directions so that she gets her due credit! 

I had a bit of a problem finding the cherry preserves/jam in my local grocery store and believe it or not, found only ONE brand, Smuckers, that made the preserves.  That was it— no other choices and so at $3.99 a jar, and I needed two, a bit pricey but worth it to try something new. Because whole cherries were in the preserves, I went ahead and cooked them with all the ingredients called for but strained the sauce in a colander before putting on the ribs as I’m not a big on eating fruit in my dinner food.  On the side, fine…in it, no.  Also, because Kevin is not a big one for any type of “heat” in his food, I omitted the hot sauce.

The cooking of the ribs and the glaze is a bit time-consuming so make sure to do this on an afternoon where you’ll be hanging out around the house.  It was a horribly hot day here in Indiana and so a little bit of poor planning on my part as the oven had to be on for 2 hours, but it was still fun to try something new and we just turned down the air conditioning a couple of degrees! 

Below is a picture of the finished result and trust me, we had just enough leftover for a lunch or two!

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