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It’s a boy or a girl or both!

A few weeks ago, we noticed some doves had made a nest above our garage light and I posted a picture of “one” of the eggs in my post here.  We noticed last Sunday that not only one egg had hatched, but two!  Imagine our surprise when we saw two because this whole time, we could only see one egg in the nest.  What we can’t believe is how fast these baby doves have grown.  This picture below is of one of the babies at a week old!

This has been fun for all of us, especially the kids, in watching this nest and observing the mom and dad and their behaviors.  The kids are outdoors all the time and so throughout the weeks, I’ve been getting reports on what they are doing.  This morning, Samuel and I walked outside and noticed that it appeared that the mother was going to teach them to fly and so I realized our time with this family of doves is coming to end.  We’ll be sad to see them go but happy at the same time that they are all healthy and we were able to provide a temporary home.

6/07/11 Update:  The nest is now empty.  The baby doves have taken up residence underneath the hostas in the front garden after I’m sure, many attempts to fly.


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