The Assignment:  Topic #144—Make a Top Ten List of Things You Want to do this Summer. 

1. Museum of Art
Our city’s Museum of Art is said to have beautiful grounds to roam around on, have a picnic, enjoy a lazy day, and the best think it’s FREE!  Believe it or not, I’ve been the to the museum itself to look at the art, been to a restaurant that sits on the grounds, but I have never just roamed the grounds!  In my eyes, it’s the perfect place to let four children RUN, RUN, RUN and actually not get in trouble for it.  We are so there.

2. Fourth of July Parade
Our hometown parade is exactly that: HOMETOWN but that’s what I love about it.  It comes complete with firetrucks, the Lion’s club men walking and passing out candy, high school students twirling their batons, and a few big rigs!  I love it though — we line up our chairs, the kids sit there with their bags waiting to run out into the street and catch candy, and it’s an enjoyable way to spend an hour or two with the community.
Completed:  7/04/11 —  went to the parade and then had a family cookout and came back into town for the fireworks!

3. Mini-Golf
I already have our Groupon bought and ready to use for this one.  We have one of those newer mini-golf courses that come with the fountains and neat little turns and twists to the courses.  We almost always go once a summer at least.
Completed:  6/24/11 —  played mini-golf, kids played some arcade games and we ate pizza for lunch!  

4. State Park
Every year we always make it to one of the state parks at least once to go hiking, have a picnic and just enjoy time being spent together as a family.  Last year we went as a big group on Labor Day and grilled out, passed the football, hiked, and really took our time enjoying the beautiful day and the kids absolutely love it.

5. Finish knitting a scarf
I started a scarf for a Christmas present that has details in it so that I need to really pay attention to as to where I am at in the pattern when I’m knitting.  Yea, I’ve ripped out the stupid thing twice now.  I am determined to get this one mastered.

6. Lose 30 pounds

7. Eat something out of my garden!
It’s the first year for our garden and if I can physically pick something out of it and put it on our plates for dinner time, I will be one happy mama!
Completed: 7/10/11 —  picked our lettuce, chives and basil from the garden.  Made a salad with the lettuce and chives and both  hubby and I agreed it tasted fresh and mild!

8. See my girlfriends from college.
It’s been 20 years since I’ve graduated from college and there are 9 of us that still get together a few times throughout the year.  Sad to say, 5 of those friends live less than 30 minutes from my front door but with children, jobs, busy lives, it just seems impossible.  We have a cookout planned for this summer and I absolutely am thrilled!
Completed: 7/30/11 —  We had a “family” cookout with the kids doing water play all evening.  We had 6 hours of catching up, talking about old and current times, and laughing hysterically.  ALL girls were there, which has been a first in over a year!  Good time had by all!

9. Play more with my children!

10. Learn to jog without dying of no air to the lungs.
In order to accomplish #6 above, I want to start jogging.  Seriously, if I jog now, it feels as though someone took a fist and squeezed all the air out of my lungs.  And I’m not even a smoker anymore.


4 thoughts on “Summmmaaaatime!

  1. It sounds like you have some wonderful ideas on how best to spend your summer.I love how most of the things you would like to to revolve around your family(it is so rare these days)Have fun and God bless 🙂

  2. The art museum grounds are absolutely fabulous. The trails in the 100 acres part are especially wonderful and yes, all free!!

    Any time you are free, let me know and Adam and I will come visit. He’ll love to play with the kids.

  3. We’re a phone call or short walk away! I love the IMA grounds. And going to one of the outdoor movies on the back terrace is always fun, too.

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