Memories of Food

I was listening to Air One this morning on my way in to work and they were telling of how In-N-Out Burgers has branched out and opened a location in Dallas, Texas.  They went further and aired interviews with various individuals who had waited in line over an hour to purchase a burger and were getting their opinions of what they thought.  One woman they interviewed actually was crying during the interview as she was recalling the memories she had of eating these when she lived in California.  The radio show personalities then asked us listeners what food it is that we eat that can evoke memories of past times.

For me, whenever I see the hot dog vendors on various corners of different cities, I’m immediately taken back to my early 20’s when I used to run around doing the bar scene in Broad Ripple, a bohemian-type-feel-small village, that is home to many bars, restaurants and unique shops.  We made it there every weekend, my two best friends and I, meeting up with friends and enjoying some brew and then finishing off the evening with standing on the corner eating hot dogs with chili, cheese, onion or whatever topping we chose, swearing that these were the best hot dogs in our lives we had ever eaten.

They weren’t.  I realize that now.  But what made them the best is that I was enjoying them in a time which was free of worry, free of the responsibilities that I now know, and it was a time that we enjoyed being young and free.  It was a time that we were enjoying our youth and discovering who we were as young professionals, trying to find our way.  I look back at that time with such fondness that I can remember exact details of conversations that took place during that time!  Do I wish to go back, no, but I don’t regret them for one minute.

And in that moment where I was listening to the woman cry during her interview this morning while eating her In-N-Out Burger, I got it, I knew exactly what she was experiencing.


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