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Flat Stanely Goes to Denver

Samuel’s grade school class just completed a “Flat Stanley” project in which they individually made their own Flat Stanley and the goal was to find a friend or family member that a) lived out-of-state and b) willing to take their Flat Stanley with them on their daily adventures.

If you are not familiar with who Flat Stanley is, and you have children, you must read some of the series of books written about him!  The books tell of very creative and imaginative stories of a young boy who once was a “regular” sized boy but gets flattened by an accident.  Because he is flat, one of the advantages is that he now can be mailed in an envelope to various destinations!

My friend Rachel, who lives out in Colorado, was willing to go on this adventure with Samuel’s Flat Stanley and so out he was mailed to her last week.  It just so happened that it was Cinco de Mayo that week and so he got to celebrate with Rachel and her friends!  Rachel was the perfect choice for this project as she took him to work, let him get some sun, took him along with her to get a pedicure and he just had a great time she said!  Flat Stanley is now on his way back to Indiana to Samuel to tell him of all the adventures he had!



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