Back at it…in more ways than one!

I decided May 1rst would be the day that I would start blogging again.  I miss blogging, finding some random idea to write about, not even sure how many readers are reading the words that come out of my head.  So I guess it’s more or less, a “hope” that someone IS out there searching the web and enters in some word that drives them to my site, my corner of the world. I had become a little bored with the old blog and found myself not having any fresh ideas or even caring to go find some.  I stopped writing, just for a bit. But this past week, I found the urge again.  I came back to the site and decided it was time.  I’ve freshened up the look, found a blog template I liked, and so here I am, fingers typing.

So what is it that’s kept me away these past four months?  It’s mainly been the stress of working, raising four kids, keeping a house, etc. — you know that thing called “Life”. Also, a few changes are about to take place in this thing we call my body, mainly due to that wicked thing called “turning 40” that happened over a year ago.  The health issues are starting to kick in and today, it kinda hit me like a brick wall. 

I went in to my doctor’s office about 2 months ago for a cold that just refused to leave my body on it’s own.  I. needed. medicine.  I got such needed medicine but in the meantime, the doctor said “no more monkeys jumping on the bed”, wait a minute, I’m not talking to my children!  Anyway, he said that my blood pressure was UP…not “stroke” up but enough that we needed to do something about it.  So, he said let’s get about you losing some weight and we’ll go from there.

Which brings us to today…11 pounds lighter in 5 weeks.  Not monumental but enough where I was feeling pretty proud walking myself into that office.  And then the cuff went on and yep, blood pressure was even HIGHER than before.  Ugh.  So on to blood pressure medication I go for a few months.  Out goes salt, caffeine, salt and oh did I mention caffeine?  What is in all that is good and holy am I going to do without caffeine each day?  He instructed me to become a label reader…watch the sodium, drink more water, and oh, cut out the caffeine!  So I have a month’s worth of pills with me, which I will faithfully start taking tomorrow, and I expect to see some sort of results when I walk back in there on May 18th.  I do not want to take blood pressure medication for the rest of my life…not if this is something that I can take care of by not being lazy about what I put into my mouth and by sitting around the house.  On the bright side, spring is right around the corner here in my little corner, I have a dog, and it’s time to get walking when we’re not in the middle of monsoon season.  So update to come again on this issue.

Next up, went to my OB/GYN after the said doctor’s appointment above, I walk on the wild side like that, two appointments in one day.  Anyway, he indicates that my body no longer likes the birth control pill and it’s a good thing that hubby got his vasectomy a few weeks ago (did not think it was good to start blogging again starting off with that topic) because he would give me three months worth of a different kind of pill but he pretty much suspected I would break-through bleed with this one as well.  See, the thing about having babies, is that it just changes EVERYTHING about your body that you ever knew in your 20’s. The one thing it changed after child #3 is that the pill and I just don’t get along…I’m on my period every other week it seems.  So after this grand news, next up is that I’m due for my first mammogram EVER.  Grrreeaaat.  I got a small speech about breast cancer and believe me, it’s something I don’t want to mess with and so I will go do my due diligence and have one…just a little intimidated by all the sudden changes that I have to deal with here…just a little overwhelmed.

You know, the say you turn 40 and everything goes down hill!  Wow!  I’m beginning to think that’s true!  But, I’m determined to carry on, take care of issues and come out better on the other side!



One thought on “Back at it…in more ways than one!

  1. so much to digest here beth! yes, love doesnt take care of you…YOU take care of you! the high blood pressure is a definite surprise; but i can understand all the reasons that led to this. very happy to hear you dont want to stay on BP Rx forever! so wise!! men dont have these issues so i hope kevin will be extra empathetic. i thought the vasectomy was quite adult of him. your FIRST mam ?! geezzz beth! you DO need to put yourself first more! pls keep us “BETHBLOGLOVERS” up to speed as you progress thru these weeks!! birth control pills can add to weight gain so this change is good; but couldnt you get off all birth control now? vasectomy + condoms or something?! hey who am i to talk…IUD + nursing = LAURA ! 😀 Hoping the dog [who i cant wait to meet] is just the company one needs to motivate walking ~ i used Herbie as my ‘therapist’ and it worked out sooo well .. & wayyy cheaper! lol, n

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