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2011 Personal Goals

I finally finished my list of “goals” for 2011. For the first time, I am refusing to call them “resolutions”. I am busy. I’m a mom of four. I work full-time.  ‘Nough said.

First up is my list of personal goals…those in which I would like to accomplish this year.  Read the bible in a year is my first one, a common one among many.  I have read the New Testament, no problem, made it through in 6 months.  Moved on to the Old Testament, twice.  Have failed each time.  So this year, I found a site where you can read through the bible in what they believe to be the “chronological” order of things and so each day/week, you may read various chapters of different books or you may read straight through some books.  This way, it kinda mixes things up and to me, seems doable.

On the way to work this week, I was listening to KLove Radio and they were talking about a website, My One Word, where you choose a word in which you personally want to exemplify.  For me, I really want to work on being “gentle in spirit”.  To me, this means  showing an attitude of love, being kind toward others, and being quick not to judge and blame.  There are other things that go along with this but that’s it in a jest.  With four children, it seems there is always chaos in the house and certainly never a dull moment and I realized when thinking of what I want to “work on”, being “gentle in spirit” is something that I almost never don’t possess. I’ve ordered a devotional book to help lead me in this journey as well as this website will also give you homework to help reach this goal.  This is one that I think will be a continuing goal, one which I won’t accomplish in one year.

The next one, giving handmade/homemade items, is one that came out of giving handmade breads for Christmas presents.  I feel that we’re losing the essence of hospitality in today’s world with our neighbors, friends and family.  I enjoyed making the breads, hoping that those who received them would enjoy the taste of them and enjoy them as a treat and then  I enjoyed hearing feedback that I received of how much they enjoyed them for days after receiving or asking for the recipe.  This is such a simple and most times, inexpensive way to show people that you are thinking of them or as a “thank you” that I wanted to continue this, instead of just doing this during the holidays.  I set a goal of “12” because it’s doable — one a month.

And last but not least is to finish at least ONE quilt for the kids.  The idea that I envision is to make a quilt for each of the children so that they have something I have made them whenever they decide to leave our home and go into their world. I’ve actually started cutting the squares for the quilts for the boys and have a good many cut and so these will be the one I will start with first.  I would love to have each of the boys a quilt made to give them on Christmas day and so this is my goal, to have one, if not two, completed by then.  If so, I will blog about this along the way.

So there you, or I guess there “I” go…my list of goals I want to accomplish this year.  I am also wanting to put together a reading list of books I want to get through but I will do this in another post, after I get them all together.  I have a bookshelf that is ever-growing with those I have found here or there and so I need to make plan!

2011 Personal Goals
Read the bible in a year
Work on “my one word” of being “gentle”
Give 12 handmade/homemade things away to friends/family this year
Finish ONE quilt for the kids


One thought on “2011 Personal Goals

  1. Beth, this is soo well written. You dont have to be a
    kid to learn fm those younger than you! thanks for taking
    the time to post this.
    ps: last year Fr. Guy {Gie} saw me in church b4 mass &
    asked me what i was doing. i said: trying to understand
    Luke! he said: let me know when you figure him out!

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