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Baby girl is 10 months!

Every month, I think to myself that I seriously have no idea where the time goes!  Evelyn turned 10 months this past weekend and this big world is starting to come alive for her. It’s bittersweet — exciting to see her grow and learn but sad that it just seems to happen so quickly and passes us by so.

In celebration of her being 10 months, here’s 10 fun facts:
1. Just rolled over this past week for the FIRST time.
2. Is starting to enjoy “real” food such as carrots, mashed potatoes, and chocolate!
3. Has the most adorable belly laugh and she laughs easily.
4. Sleeps with two stuff animals and rubs their ears or tails to fall asleep.
5. Likes to stay up late most of the time…not going to bed until after the other kiddos.
6. Is trying to learn to crawl.
7. Is trying to learn to pull herself up!
8. Loves to eat the flavored “puff” cereal.
9. Has her bottom two teeth and the top two are just now coming in.
10. Is loved so much by her family!


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