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Menu Planning Monday ~ Getting Started

I’ve decided to give this weekly/monthly menu planning a try.  I’ve seen so many blogs about it, with all these wonderful recipes and planning and it finally motivated me enough to get on-board with it.  I read an article, that of-course, I can’t find now, that broke it down in to parts so that it wasn’t so overwhelming to get started.  The writer basically outlined:

1. Write down a list of meals your family will eat.
2. Write down a list of every ingredient you will need.
3. Combine those ingredients into a master grocery shopping list.
4. Delete those items you already have.
5. Take said list to store.
6. Plan out your meals
7. Print you list / calendar of meals as well as all your recipes for the week and put them in a thin binder so that you’re not fumbling through a ton of recipes trying to find the one you need.

Because my family shops mainly for 3-4 weeks at a time, I had to plan a whole month of menu’s, which I did successfully. I should also note that we’re a family that eats a lot of chicken, over beef, and so you’ll see that from the get-go. For sake of my blog though, here’s this week’s menus:

Monday: Chicken Teriyaki with Swiss & Mushroom
Tuesday: Frozen Pizza’s (cub scout night)
Wednesday: Chicken Tortilla Casserole
Thursday: Stove Top Chicken Bake
Friday: Leftovers
Saturday: Chicken Burrito Casserole
Sunday: Pot Roast

I’ll start posting recipes as well so that I have a central location for some of the ones I really like or if you see one you are interested in and want the recipe for, give me a shout and  I’ll post it.  Happy eating!


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