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Tuesday Thoughts

Outside my window…kinda sunny, kinda overcast.  We rec’d approximately 10 minutes of rain today.  That’s it.  August was the driest (is it dryest or driest?) month in history for Indiana.  We soooo need the rain.
I am thinking… The boys want to join the Cub Scouts and so I’ve been emailing an extremely helpful lady who has been guiding me through this process.  I was unable to go to the parent meetings because of the boys football schedules, having practice on the same nights at different fields, and so am trying to figure out if we can swing this.  I would love to be able to as Caden desperately wants to join.
I am thankful for… the kindness of people!  This past week we rec’d a beautiful 4 poster white twin bed for Isabella, complete with a mattress and box springs!  For free!  We so needed it as she was ready to move into a “big girl bed” and out of the toddler bed and my in-laws knew somebody giving this away and even delivered it to our home!
From the kitchen… leftovers tonight…chicken that we prepared on the outdoor grill this past weekend and then whatever else we can find.  Samuel has football pictures tonight, I have to get gas in the car and run a few errands and so we’re just keeping it simple!
I am wearing… black dress pants, a periwinkle colored tank top and a white sweater over.
I am reading… nothing at the moment although I am thinking I might starting reading “Raising Up Boys” by James Dobson.  It’s been a few years since I’ve read it and it might be good to break it back out.
I am hoping… the same thing I always hope for now-a-days — that Kevin finds something soon for a job.
I am creating… a scarf!  Kim invited me to take  a knitting class at The Village Yarn Shop and so I went last Tuesday and away I am going.  I have had to restart this thing once already because I keep gaining stitches but I think I got it.  I have to have approximately 31-32″ knitted by next Tuesday and I’m at 23″ right now.
I am hearing… the humming of the computer.
Around the house… I’m in the process of pullling out the fall and winter clothes for the kids.  Yesterday, I finally finished going through all the bins in the garage and now all the clothes are piled upstairs on the couch!  Yikes!  But we’re at the end of summer where one day it’s 90 and the next it’s 60 and so we’ve got to be prepared!
One of my favorite things… at night after the kids go to sleep and I know I have about 30-45 minutes that are all mine!
A few plans for the rest of the week… Football pictures for the boys, football games and concession stand duty on Saturday.  Also, Samuel will turn 8 next week and so we need to have some sort of small celebration for him!…getting to be such a big kid!


One thought on “Tuesday Thoughts

  1. this is beautifully written beth! my mom didnt get her book published til she was 85 soooo you have time to put your gift into a best seller ! 🙂
    **cub scouts & sports?! well if there is a way to swing it you’ll find it !

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