Fresh from the farm…

Today we got our third delivery of our fruits and veggies from Farm Fresh Delivery and I was the one that brought it in the house and was able to finally take some pictures! With this delivery, I “customized” the bin to get fruits and veggies that I knew we as a family would eat and so we received:

1 cantaloupe;  8 ears of corn;  9 gala apples;  1 peach;  1 half pint of blueberries
2 strawberries, 16 oz. each and 2 pounds of bananas

All items are organic and vary in ripeness…the blueberries were so good that Isabella immediately opened the container and started eating them…my little one in the family who will just about try anything!

Because it’s organic, the individual pricing is a little bit higher and so we don’t get as much as I would if I went and spent the same about of money at the  local WalMart or Meijer…but it’s fresh from the farm, it’s free and it’s delivered right to our front door!  What more can a girl ask for!

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