First day of school…

Wednesday was the first day of school for our boys and they were so ready to get back to school and see all their friends. The thrill of summer vacation was long-gone and we were ALL ready to get back to daily routines.  The night before, each one had  theiroutfits picked and laid out on their dresser and backpacks at the bottom of the stairs.  Samuel had a hard time sleeping as he was nervous to be in a different part of the school, in a different hallway, and was afraid he would forget where to go (he was fine though and had no problems).  Caden was super excited because he now has art and music incorporated in to his week. Both are happy with their teacher assignments and had friends from the previous year(s) in their classrooms…homework won’t truly begin until after Labor Day and so they have a few weeks to get back in to the swing of things and learn their weekly schedules.  Let’s hope the excitement continues, at least through Christmas break!


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