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Thursday Thoughts!

Outside my window… so, so, very hot!  95 today and that’s not including the heat index!  It’s these days that make me long for fall!
I am thinking… that I would really like to go to the State Fair this weekend!
I am thankful for… my husband and children that made my birthday this week a very happy one!
From the kitchen… no clue what we’re eating tonight.  Probably baked chicken and a side.  I do need to bake some muffins tonight for the kids for their breakfast tomorrow.
I am wearing… black capri pants, a grey shirt and black flip flops.   Not very colorful or exciting but I am all about the comfort!
I am reading… nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  I so want to start a book and have just been too busy and so I’ve been reading snippets here and there of my magazines.
I am hoping… that something happens soon with Kevin and his getting a job.  I never dreamed that my hubby would still be without a job for a year and a half.  God has plans, I know He does, and we’re trying our best to be patient.  Kevin is so wanting to get back to work and so please continue to pray for him.
I am creating… a quilt for the boys although it’s been very slow going and I haven’t worked on it probably since May or June.  I have been feeling the want to get up early in the mornings, before walking or on alternate days and start cutting some additional pieces out!
I am hearing… the air conditioner here at work that provides a low humming noise throughout the day!  When it kicks off, the office seems amazingly quiet…there’s only 5 of us here in the office on a “full” day but today, only 4!  Very quiet all the time.
Around the house… the upstairs is just out.of.control!  It is a mess and I’ve got to tackle this and also how to figure out how to organize the boys room with all their boy things!  Baseballs and trophies and silly bands!  Oh my!
One of my favorite things… kisses and hugs from the kids each morning before I go to work!
A few plans for the rest of the week… The boys started back to school yesterday (pictures coming) and so we’re trying to all get back in to the routine of the morning.  The boys also have their FIRST football games this Saturday and so expect a few pictures from that forthcoming.  Other than that, hopefully go to the State Fair on Sunday!

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