An Education of an Egg

Can you guess which is the egg fresh from the farm and which one is from a carton bought at the grocery store?

My neighbor gave me some eggs this past Tuesday, straight from the farm.  I accepted them very thankfully and was touched by her thoughtfulness.  At the same time, I stood there thinking with uncertainity…how are these different from what I eat on a daily basis?  My face must have expressed this because she told me just to crack them in a bowl first to make sure there was no blood in the egg, otherwise okay!

So today, Saturday, 4 days later, I finally get up the courage to try one, thinking that if it freaked me out, I can always make a “store bought” egg since I didn’t have to rush out to work!  I have no clue what I was thinking would freak me out…I somehow thought it would be drastically different!  At the same time, I also decided to do some research on what happens to a “commercially processed egg”, the proper name for “store-bought”.  I stumbled across this blog, Ukiah Blog, which tells you why to buy organic, fresh eggs instead of those from the store and it’s very insightful information and convinced me that what I’m eating from my neighbor is far better for me than those I buy in the store.  I’ll leave this reading to do on your own.

I crack open the egg and not sure what to expect, place it in the bowl and thought to myself, “looks like an egg”.  Not sure why I didn’t think it would but yep, it’s an egg (excuse the Noah’s Ark toddler bowl it’s in):

I scrambled it up to cook my omelet and realized that the yoke spread and blended with the white nicely and that it was a nice rich color of yellow.  When I cooked it, it was “fluffier” and “puffed” up better.  I didn’t taste a huge difference but that could be too because I was eating an omelet that had a piece of ham and sliced mushrooms in it.

Final verdict to those of my generation that didn’t grow up on a farm, definitely give these a try.  After today, with my cooking experiment and reading, I will eat these without hesitation in the future.

And by the way, it’s the egg on the left in the picture above, that’s fresh from the farm!


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