Three for Tuesday!

I saw a question today which was “what three things you do every day without fail?” and it got me to thinking…what do I do?  I’m very much a creature of habit and I even had a girlfriend thank me the other week for being one as it was to her benefit.  I like routine in my life, the structure of things, the order and placement of items in the house — it’s how I function best.  So, here are my THREE things, although truth be told, I think I could probably think of thirteen!

1. Sit on the bed to do my makeup:
Whether it’s Monday or Saturday, I HAVE to sit on my bed, put on my makeup, and watch TV.  To stand in front of a mirror and do this is just not right in my world.  During the week, it’s my time to multi-task and watch The Today Show and get my 20 minutes of news.  Yes, it takes me 20 minutes to put on my make-up because I’m sitting there watching TV!!  On the weekend, I’ll search around the TV until I find something that catches my interest!

2. Eat an omelet for breakfast:
The only day I don’t do this is probably Sunday, when we are trying to all get out the door for church…otherwise, I would. I always fix Kevin and myself each a one-egg omelet with some sliced mushroom, deli meat or bacon, cut-up, and then half a slice of cheese, american or swiss.  We eat this almost EVERY morning, without fail.  It’s quick, easy and a good source of protein.

3. Put on perfume:
I put on perfume everyday, even if I plan on sitting around the house all day.  It’s something I ALWAYS do…and I, myself, often think that it is weird that I do this.  Perfect example is that we were going as a family to a state park over this past July 4th holiday and the plan was to spend the WHOLE day outside in the 90+ degree heat, going hiking, playing outdoors, you get the point. I still put on perfume knowing that it would be overpowered by the smell of sweat in a few short hours!  It’s something that has to be done, regardless.

So there they are, three small things I do each day.  They’re all “morning” routine items but again, you can tell it’s the “organized” thinking of my brain, starting with when I get up and how I progress through my day!


2 thoughts on “Three for Tuesday!

  1. This is why it takes you so long to get ready:) j/k and oh how well you look and smell, couldn’t have it any other way.

    You are so good at this blog thing. I wonder if I can do something like this. Hmmmmm well I’ll keep thinking.

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