Weight Loss

Fat Burnin’ Friday

Weight Lost: 20 pounds
Goal to Lose: 138 pounds

If you’ve been digging deep in to my blog and you’ve read the “2010 Goals” page, you know that Kevin and I are trying to lose weight and to get healthy this year as well  as all the next years of our life!  I’ve been reading a few blogs where the writers have written about their weight loss journey and their progress on Friday’s and so I thought what a wonderful way to incorporate this into your blog, without killing your reader’s with boredom each and every day!

We are using MyFitnessPal to help up on this journey — this is a wonderful FREE site that gives you all the tools to succeed…there is a page to tell everyone a profile about you, your goals, and a place to post pictures; you can record your weight each week, record your food each day as well as your exercise. You can also make friends to support and have support you and read various forum topics and so it’s basically like going to a Weight Watcher’s meeting in the comfort of your own home!  Kevin and I both feel that it’s because of this site, that we have done so well as well as this is the first time in our  marriage that we have dieted TOGETHER!

Kevin and I started our diets on Monday, May 17th and so as of tomorrow, it will be 2 months exactly. In this two months, Kevin has lost 29 pounds and I have managed to lose 20 pounds, averaging 2.5 lbs. a week, which frankly, actually surprises me a bit to be honest.  We weigh-in each Sunday morning and if we lose weight, we have both agreed to splurge on a dinner or a dessert of some kind as a reward to our self.

When we started, I was literally a couch potato — I remember playing H-O-R-S-E (think basketball) out in the driveway with the boys a few weekends before we started, and it literally winded me to run and catch the ball!  I was having the boys run after it because I was getting so tired!  When we started, I decided the only way I was going to be able to get any type of exercise in was to unfortunately get up in the morning and walk before I go to work.  Oy, so very, very early!  That first day, I walked 20 minutes by myself around our neighborhood and didn’t walk incredibly far, maybe .75 of a mile.  My neighbor, Steph, knew I had been walking and asked if she could join me in walking and what a small blessing she has turned out to be!  We keep each other motivated and on mornings when I could have easily hit the alarm and went back to bed, I knew she’d be waiting and so I would drag myself out of bed to get outside — mind you, I give myself 10 minutes from the time the alarm goes off until the time I have to meet her — otherwise it would give me too much time to talk myself out of this madness!  But, in being proud of myself, this morning, we walked 3 miles and it’s the second time this week we’ve done it!!  This is one thing I do want to start doing each Friday in this blog, is track how much I walked each day, with a total for the week.  I should tell you that I have declared Sunday’s a “non-guilt” exercise day, meaning only if it’s beautiful outside or just because I feel like it — not because I’m declaring it a day I need to exercise.

Saturday: 0 Miles — was in cleaning mode!
Sunday: 3 Miles (first time)
Monday: 2 Miles
Tuesday: 3 Miles (55 minutes)
Wednesday: Too tired from VBS at church
Thursday: Had to get children to dentist
Friday: 3  Miles (55 minutes)
WEEKLY TOTAL:  11 miles!

Not bad for only walking 4 days this week!  And not bad for someone what wasn’t exercising whatsoever two short months ago.  It gives me a great sense of accomplishment to know that I could go out tomorrow and walk a 5K.  Now, in saying this, I make it seem as though walking the 3 miles was easy!  While I would love to say it was, you fortunately don’t see me hobbling around here at work and home and getting up and down from sitting in chairs and going up and down stairs moaning and groaning — these old bones are sore but I know that will pass with time.

So my next weigh-in is this coming Sunday but check-in next Friday to see how I’m doing!

3 thoughts on “Fat Burnin’ Friday

  1. 4 days / wk of walking is very realistic beth ~ & thats how regimens are kept…. & become successful. the weight loss? incredible !!

    1. I love, love, love myfitness pal. It’s because of this site that seriously, I have continued to log all of my food each day and stay on track!

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