An apple a day…

I am SOOOO excited and here’s the reason why…I WON a contest in which I get fresh produce (and groceries if wanted) delivered to us every other week FOR SIX MONTHS!!   This is such a GOD-THING…right as we are literally so very low on groceries each week, I happen to be on the computer at exactly the time that FitCity Indianapolis was posting a photo contest, asking where they had taken the pictures.  I immeditely knew, posted the place and voila, they said I won.  I literally sat there in disbelief for a minute and actually refused to believe that I had actually won 6 months worth until I got the gift certificate in the mail Friday afternoon.  After I read it and thought about it, I literally clapped my hands for Jesus…he has come through for us once again in keeping His promise that He will provide for us.

So today I ventured on to the Site of Farm Fresh Delivery to see what we will be able to get delivered and registered and placed my first order for a small bin of veggies and fruit, organic applesauce, raisins and a small jar of honey!  How fun!  And to think, they deliver and pick up from our house!  More than likely, we won’t get our first delivery until the week of the 19th but I’m so anxious to see what gets delivered and how everything works.  I’ll be sure to post when it comes!


2 thoughts on “An apple a day…

  1. OH BETH ! what or whoever took you to that site
    knows how strong you have been! i have never known anyone to win anything other than maybe a set of steak knives! {This sooo beats out winning something like a ‘spa day’}! To have delivery also added into the win is a prize in & of itself!! Peace of mind ~ & good eats ~ thank you Lord for your blessing upon this truly wonderful woman & her family !

  2. & btw: this photo SHOULD win MANY more
    prizes…it is wonderful!! Good eye!!
    **{try country woman magazine online} 🙂

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