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Homemade Liquid Laundry Soap

I have made the powdered laundry soap last summer and although it cleaned the clothes well, the finely grating of the soap, etc. was just too much of a pain for me.  My neighbor who I walk with each morning, told me that she’s been making the liquid version and been very happy with it and so since I still had all the ingredients on hand, I  decided to make a batch now that I’m almost out of my commercial soap.  Below is my process of making it, along with the recipe.

First Step
1 cup grated Fels Naptha Soap
1 quart boiling water
Slowly mix the soap pieces into the boiling water until they dissolve. Then, pour the mix into a big (5 gal or more) bucket or a rubbermaid tote.

Second Step
1 Cup Borax
1 Cup Washing Soda
Mix both of them into the soap; stir until they dissolve.

Third Step
2 Gallons warm water
Gradually add the water while stirring.
Everything I read said the stuff would get goopy, so a friend suggested the warm water so the cleaning agents don’t congeal as quickly.

Pour into old laundry soap bottles or cleaned out milk jugs…whatever you’ve got. Then use 1/2 cup per load.
*Update:  I used this today after it had sat in the bottles all night, it really became a nice “gel” and so before each use, make sure you shake your bottle really good.


The Ingredients

Grating the Fels Naptha Soap

Melting the Fels Naptha soap ~ looks like egg soup!

Mixing all ingredients in a rubbermaid tote!

The finished product, all bottled up!


2 thoughts on “Homemade Liquid Laundry Soap

  1. absolutely perfect directions …& photos an excellent help for us verbally challenged ! 🙂
    thank you Beth ! {takes me back to the recession
    of the ’70’s when my kids were young & shopping was FAR fm military bases} .

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