Thankful Tuesday!

#27 ~ Parades! This past weekend, our town had its July 4th Annual Parade and believe it or not, even though we have lived here 10 years, it was our first time attending.  We grabbed our chairs, found a spot on the sidewalk of the parade route and waited anxiously to see what the parade would bring.  Much to my children’s delight, lots of candy!!  But it was the “stereotypical” small-town parade and we LOVED it!  The kids had a blast and it was fun to see the high school band, the miniature donkeys and the firetrucks!

#28 ~ State Parks! Yesterday, we went to Clifty Falls State Park and what fun we had having a picnic in the park, walking through the trails, climbing up to the observatory tower and just taking the time to relax and regroup as a family.

#29 ~ Itch Cream for Bites. This weekend, I forgot to bring a long the bug spray for when we sat outside to watch the fireworks (I know, bad mama) and so we all got some good mosquito bites.  Well, I took some Benadryl Itch Cream with us to the park yesterday and somewhere along the trip, we lost the tube, which meant last night, none of us had anything to sooth the itching from the mosquito bites!  You never realize what a little luxury this cream is until you DON’T have any!  I will be stopping by the drugstore on the way home tonight!

#30 ~ Hearing “I Love You” from your children. Last night, I was sitting in the girl’s room as Isabella went to sleep and I told her that I loved her and in her little sleepy 3-year old voice, she told me “I love you too mommy” and it just melted my heart.  You never get tired of hearing your children tell you that they love you.


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