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End-of-Year Teacher’s Gift

I found this idea on CafeMom for end-of-year gifts for teachers and bus drivers.  The idea is to place M&M’s in a glass jar but I decided to make the gift a little more useful and found smaller BPA free water bottles to place the M&M’s in.  I printed out the poem on a color printer, glued this on to flowery scrapbooking paper and then glued this to matching cardstock and added a bow. 

I made 3 of these for $20 and so not bad…$6.75 each roughly for each.  I did one for each teacher and then one for the bus driver, where I just changed the wording a bit to make it more appropriate.

Here is the poem:

Green is for the inspiration you give to me each day.
Blue is for your patience in showing me the way.
Orange is for your warmth and caring smile.
Yellow is for the way you can always make me smile.
Red is for my life that you have touched this year. 
You’re a very special teacher just like this jar, that’s clear!
You place knowledge in your children’s hands and
melt into their hearts and lives forever.
You’re a “Magnificent” and “Marvelous” teacher!
Thank you for being my M&M!

I love how these came out and might have to start doing these for small gifts for friends and family with various types of poems for different occasions.  Such an easy and quick little gift!


2 thoughts on “End-of-Year Teacher’s Gift

  1. Great idea, Beth! I’m borrowing the poem for Miles’ teachers tomorrow. 🙂
    Hope you all are doing well!

  2. seriously Beth … YOU HAVE CREATIVITY, TALENT, & A CARING HEART to make the
    time for this! the recipients are going to be
    soooo happy!!

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