Evelyn is 4 months!

Where has the time gone!?  I just cannot believe that Evelyn is 4 MONTHS OLD this week! The time is flying by so quickly and it makes me sad and happy at the same time to see her growing.  She’s reached the magical mile marker where she gets to start eating cereal and so we’re anxious to see how she will react to eating food from a spoon tonight.  In honor of her turning 4 months, here’s 4 fun facts about her:

1. She sleeps about 5-6 hours through the night. I’m hoping that the cereal will add another hour or two on.

2. She hardly ever cries and when she does, you know that she’s exhausted or Isabella is involved somehow!

3. She LOVES to babble…of all the children, she is the one that “talks” the most.  I hope this is NOT an indication of the future or we are in big trouble!

4. She will smile at any sort of attention!  She is just always so happy and she loves to look at you when you talk…even if you are sitting next to her and talking to someone else, she will smile because she thinks you are talking to her!

We are just so blessed to have her as part of our family!


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