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Lean not on your own understanding…

Another week has swiftly passed me by and I’m just now stopping to quickly write a short snippet on my blog about what I’ve been up to this week.  God is doing big things in the lives of me and the hubby and just this week proves how He is working. Both Kevin and I were baptized in March…something that for me, slowly slipped by unnoticed all these years in our lives and just in the last year, did I find God slowly working in my heart telling me that I needed to be obedient in being baptized.  Kevin had been baptized in his youth as a Catholic but wanted to take this step, and make the decision on his own accord, as an adult, that he is being obedient and is a believer.  God is working, we’re not sure how, but we’re both trying to say “yes” to the adventure, keep ourselves aware of what He is wanting us to do and be a servant.

This week I started a woman’s 12-week bible study at church each Monday evening.  I was so excited when I saw this pop-up on our events calendar for the church, I was so excited.  This is one of the FIRST evening/weekly bible studies our church has done and what impeccable timing by God!  And, the fact in the past that Kevin has always worked in the evenings as well and so I was never able to join a evening study because of this.  So everything just in to place and I knew it was God’s hand working in this for me.  We’re studying the Beth Moore study Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit study and front the first night, I can’t wait to see what the next 11 weeks is going to bring me. 

Hubby and I then started another bible class at the church on Thursday evenings, Poverty 101, which will hopefully help teach us to relate to the inner city/urban poor in giving them mainly just “hope” and that someone wants to help if they want it.  It’s being taught by a preacher who knows how to do this first-hand and so it’s knowledge that I know is “real” and from someone living it. Last night was our first class and again, so good that both Kevin and I are looking forward to what we’re going to learn in weeks ahead. 

We’re trying to let God lead us where He wants us to go and understand that we are on His path, the one He wants us to be on.  It’s such an exciting time for us because I’m beginning to feel “alive” inside and I want to be able to lead through example to my children…the best way to teach values and principles. So if you are reading this, say a prayer for Kevin and I every now and then!  God Bless!

Kevin and Beth                                        Easter Sunday, 2010


One thought on “Lean not on your own understanding…

  1. you are so good at this stuff ya know it. Maybe we go into business together. 🙂 So good to read this, you are doing a wonderful job, love ya bunches.

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