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God Winks ;-)

I have another book review for you!  When God Winks was another book suggested by my sister and another quick read…this was one that I call a “stoplight book” because I carried it in my car for my rides to/from work when I was stuck in rush hour traffic and could get snippets in while waiting at stoplights.

The basis of this book is to bring awareness to your life of how and when God makes the things that just seem to “add up”.

Here’s an example of my own God wink: I have a girlfriend that I met online through a social group…we met merely by talking about our families and similar interests.  We then went to a same “luncheon” where we finally met face-to-face. Then one Sunday, there she was at my church and we both discovered we had been going there all along but just never saw each other! Next time I ran into her was at a church event and it was through this that she invited me and my family to be part of their bible study group.  Through all of these “sudden” meetings, she and I have become good friends and we both believe it was God working to bring us together for a purpose…a God wink.

So through my example, you can understand the basis of the book. The book is chalked full of examples ,and it’s almost a little overboard at times, but it’s a good little read that gets you thinking about what has happened and could happen in your life and how God can work.

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