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Little Bit Turns 3!


Isabella turned 3 years old this past Tuesday!  It’s unbelievable how quickly the time is flying by!  In honor of her turning 3, here are some favorite things of hers, in three’s of course!

3 Favorite Cartoons
1. Calou
2. Angelina Ballerina
3. Sid, the Science Guy

3 Favorite Colors
1. Pink
2. Purple
3. Pinkish-Purple (ha!)

3 Favorite Toys
1. Barbies
2. Baby Dolls
3. Little People (the people themselves, nothing else)


One thought on “Little Bit Turns 3!

  1. OH! this is just tooo cute! dont know what calou is & really, Isabella likes barbies!? 🙂 & …where does she see little people? Such a wonderful party Beth! Nice to see Wendy {& hubby} again!

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