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Scrappy Scarf

I like the look of the long scarves that are currently in fashion but I’m not willing to pay some of the prices that they want for these.  So, in my addiction to all crafty blogs, I stumbled across a sewing blog that gave directions on how to make a t-shirt scarf!  I was so excited that I immediately went out the next day to the thrift store and found a pale pink Tommy Hilfiger shirt for $1.99 and decided to try my hand at making one…afterall, it was worth the price of the shirt for me to try this.

Following the directions on New Green Mam’s site, I washed the shirt and then set it on the table to cut.  I cut out the middle section, both top and bottom layers at the same time, with a rotary cutter:

I was able to get 6 strips:

I sewed the ends together on the strips to make one continuous strip. I also made sure the panel with the Hilfiger logo was the last panel.  It took longer to wash this than it did to create.  Here’s the final outcome…

It came out exactly like I hoped it would and I can’t wait to wear it out!  I now want to find some funky, fun design or find a few shirts to sew together.  I also have to find a tshirt with an the Indianapolis Colts logos to prepare for next year’s season!


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