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Thankful Thursday!

#19 ~ Online Music! While I was on maternity leave, I took home the little radio that I had here in my office so that I could put it in the boys room for them to listen to at night while falling asleep.  My intent was to get another small radio while I was out.  Yep, you guessed it, I completely forgot until yesterday.  I was sitting here in complete silence and couldn’t take it.  Thankfully for KLove, I have music!

#20 ~ Curious Minds! Samuel is in first grade and participating in his first science fair next Friday.  This is optional for our school and so I asked him if he wanted to participate and he said yes!  He chose volcanoes as his topic and so we’ve been patiently working on it.  I thought for sure he would get bored with this but he’s been so eager to work on it, do the typing, building the model.  I’m so proud of him.

#21 ~ Sleeping through the night. Evelyn chose Tuesday night to sleep through the night and I thought for sure it would be a fluke…just a one night thing.  Nope…she slept through the night again last night!  Wahoo!  Almost 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep is what I’ve gotten the last 2 nights.  Sweet, sweet sleep!

#22 ~ Sewing Machines. I’m making this baby quilt and am so thankful that I have a sewing machine.  While I’m sewing together 3 layers of fabric in strips in a matter of minutes, it makes me think of women who used to hand sew quilts because sewing machines did not exist.  I just can’t imagine making a full-size quilt by hand!  Especially because most quilts are made with layers of fabric and I realize how hard it must have been on their fingers and hands.


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