Sewing and Crafts

Maintaining my sanity…

I’m so excited to be making a baby quilt again!  I haven’t done any sewing or quilting since last summer when I made my girlfriend this baby quilt here.  Another girlfriend is pregnant and so a perfect excuse to get the scissors and sewing machine out and at the same time, maintain my sanity.  Crafting for me is a huge stress reliever and something I really neglect.  But, if you’ve been following along in my blog, you’ve read that adding more time in for crafting is a resolution for me this year.  I plan to make another “strip” rag quilt, which I love because they come together so quickly. So, with that said, I found a really fun fabric last week at JoAnn’s that I fell in love with and then found the coordinating fabrics on Friday. 


One thought on “Maintaining my sanity…

  1. i would love to watch you thru the process…these materials are a smart buy …& are going to look
    terrific together! now! go get sewin’ 🙂 !

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