Let’s Play Dress-Up

Isabella LOVES playing dress-up like any other little girl.  What my husband doesn’t understand is “why”?  He just doesn’t get it…but that’s because he’s a MAN.  He has no sisters.  Obviously.  Because if he did, he would get it.  He would understand that it’s all about the DRESS.  Isabella will only wear her jewelry and shoes if she has the proper “dress-up” dress on. 

And does it ever stop?  Here I am at 40 and I still finding myself standing in my closet, trying to figure out in my head the proper dress, the jewelry, the shoes…it’s just at this age, their not so sparkly, not so eccentric than when you’re 2!  I sometimes think it would be fun just to put caution to the wind and wear crazy colors, express myself, wear all the jewelry I possibly can and not worry what others might think…wear it because it’s fun and it gives me a laugh.  Maybe.  One of these days.


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