How You Doin’?

So I thought I would do an update as to where I am with my New Year’s resolutions.  In all honesty, I’m not doing too bad.  Here are the original resolutions/goals and my updates:’

1. Get myself and the family living a more healthy lifestyle. 
Kevin and I started our diets this week and we’ve been doing really well.  This is the first time in our marriage that Kevin and I have done a diet together and I must say that it’s been nice having Kevin to talk to about what we’re eating and meal ideas and shopping for BOTH him and I on this diet and knowing that the meals I’m fixing are for a purpose.  My neighbor, Celia, and I walked Monday morning in the snow and cold air and it lit a fire in me to get out and start walking more.

2. Update my blog at least ONCE a week!
I’ve actually done REALLY well with this resolution so far and a couple of the weeks so far in January, I’ve even blogged twice!  Woo!

3. This is almost contrary to the goal #2 but to be on the computer LESS. 
I have done “better” with this one but still need to do better.  Because I’ve been on maternity leave and it’s winter here, I’m inside all day and so our laptop sitting in the living room keeps sucking me in. 

4. Become clutter-free or more organized. 
I have started in on this.  I went through all the girls clothes out in the garage and got those organized by size; to give away to girlfriends; and to go to Goodwill.  I then went through some clothes that were given to me and got those organized.  So on my way!

5. Sew more! 
And here’s where my resolutions come to a screeching halt!  I haven’t done one stich…nada, nothing.  I have however been looking at various blogs with cute sewing projects…some of these blogs are in my blogroll if you ever get bored and want to try your hand at something.


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