Thankful Thursday!

#15 ~!  I was so excited earlier this week…I was able to get 60 birth announcements, including shipping, for $8.50!  I can’t even make birth announcements this cheap and so I was so VERY happy.  I discovered the deal when I was reading the $30 Weekly Challenge blog and immediately went and made them!   I’ll post it after I receive them and get them sent out.

#16 ~ Headache medicine.  I had horrible headaches throughout my pregnancy and have still continued to have some after giving birth and so I’m thankful that I still have some powerful medicine to knock these headaches out.  Hopefully the frequency of the headaches will fade as my body continues to heal.

#17 ~ Girlfriends!  My neighbor Julie, who is also one of my closest friends, came down today and visited for a couple of hours and we just laughed and talked and enjoyed each other’s company.  I’m so glad that I have her in my life, along with other girlfriends, who know me for who I am and still accept me!

#18 ~ Precut Cookies!  I love the ones that you just pop out of the package, put on the pan, and 10 minutes later you have cookies!  Granted, they are not the best cookie in the world, but when you have a sweet tooth and the kids are wanting something, these are perfect!


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