Happy Birthday Silly Son!

Caden turned 6 years old Sunday!  I can’t believe where the time is going and here we are, celebrating his little life up to this point.  This year has been a big one for Caden, what with him starting kindergarten and starting to come in to his own self, without being around his brother or sister all day…kindergarten is all him.  We’ve noticed that he’s started to get an attitude and the confidence to start talking back to us…not a development we enjoy but does show his maturing.  Although he works hard, he struggles with school work and spelling and sight words but put him in front of a video game and he comes out as the leader and so I do know he has a brain that works, just visually!  ha!  And, he still likes to cuddle in the evenings and talk and watch tv with me…something I know will only last a few more years and so I have to treasure it now.

Happy Birthday Caden!  It makes me both happy and sad to see you growing and learning…so bittersweet to see my babies grow up.


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