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Thankful Tuesday!

#11 ~ Our peanut is here!  Evelyn made her way into this world on Dec. 30th and I am so thankful to finally meet her and have her as part of our family.  It’s been a smooth transition and she’s fit right in to our family routine other than the sleepless nights!!  I love sitting and watching her, knowing that I’m looking at a miracle formed by God.

#12 ~ Good and caring neighbors!  Our neighbor across the street called us the other morning because she noticed our cars had not moved and that my van had been home all day for the past few days.  She was calling to make sure that we were okay and did we need anything.  I loved this simple gesture because I felt loved.  Someone “noticed” and cared. 

#13 ~ That all my family will be coming over on Sunday to come together to celebrate Caden’s 6th birthday!  Should be a fun afternoon of visiting and watching football and sharing the life of my youngest son!

#14 ~ Coffee.  My drug of choice since giving birth to Evelyn.  Sweet, beloved coffee, fully loaded with caffeine.


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