Your Personal Best…

I gave birth on Wednesday, the 30th, and for the most part, was there by myself since hubby needed to be at home with our 3 children.  While I was in the hospital, I had no responsibilities other than take care of our sweet newborn, Evelyn, and to rest.  And what I didn’t realize was that for those two days, I quietly became my personal best.  I said “thank you” to all the nurses, I chatted nicely and knowledgeably with all those who came to see me and I was “there”…I was present for the conversations instead of calculating in my head what I needed to get done still for the day while trying to be an active participant in talking.  I realized that I was at my “personal best”…I was who I wanted to be but never can because the stress of daily life interferes. 

I’ve had one other time that I can remember in recent years of being at my personal best.  We took a family vacation to Indian Rocks Beach, Florida and we had NO agenda other than to go with the daily flow and get away from it all.  And we ALL did…we had an awesome vacation and we were at our “personal best” as a family.  I remember thinking “why can’t we be like this at home”.

We don’t live an extremely busy life…the children are still young enough that they aren’t in to sports big time.  We don’t run them all over town to playdates at friends homes…all their friends live on our street.  We live pretty quiet lives in comparison to some families I know.  But, with 4 children, life IS busy…each child has a different personality and temperament, each one wants things at different times, I work full-time, and we have a newborn.  WE CHOSE this life and I love it…I love being a mother and a wife, above everything else.  But because I did choose it, I need to figure out how to be at my personal best most of the time…right now, my life gets the best of me personally.  I need to figure out how to de-stress. 

Two of my “resolutions” for the New Year’s might help me with this…in quilting or just crafting more, which I REALLY enjoy.  And, exercising.  I saw in today’s paper that the “Biggest Loser” exercise DVD is on sale at Target and so I’m thinking about buying that for Kevin and I and trying to get in to a routine before I go back to work.  We aren’t in a position to afford a membership to a gym and because we’re in the midst of an arctic chill an Indiana winter, getting outside to exercise just isn’t going to happen. 

What things do you all do to de-stress and be your personal best?


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