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A New Year means New Goals!

I always say that I am not going to make any New Year’s resolutions but this year, I have a few that I feel are important to both my physical and emotional well-being.  So, by writing them down for all to see, they may have a better chance at becoming more “concrete”.

1. Get myself and the family living a more healthy lifestyle.  If you know me “in person”, you know that both myself and hubby are built large and we need to lose weight.  But him and I have been also talking about our “health” as a whole, instead of just in losing weight terms.  So I need to make this my main goal to start making changes in food, exercise and what we do as a family so that the kids are involved as well.

2. Update my blog at least ONCE a week!

3. This is almost contrary to the goal #2 but to be on the computer LESS.  I’m a little addicted to facebook, scrabble online and checking email but now that I have FOUR children and work full-time, the computer takes up more time than I’m willing to admit. 

4. Become clutter-free or more organized.  By nature, I’m an organized person and so this isn’t really a big-time priority for me but I do “keep” magazine clippings, recipes, etc that I find I like and I tend to “stack” them sometimes and so this year, I would like to find some sort of organizational system for storing everything.  Just finding the time to do it is the main priority I thin.

5. Sew more!  This is my one “pleasure” goal.  I haven’t had a chance to do any quilting or crafting here lately and so I would like to at least start and finish one quilt.  I have a girlfriend having a baby in April and so I would like to make a small blanket for her baby and then I’ve also been buying material to make the boys each a quilt and so I would like to start on those and maybe give those to them for Christmas in 2010 and then give the girls theirs in 2011.  If I can make it through this goal, next year, I’ll add a new one of taking knitting lessons!  ha!

So those are my “resolutions” or “goals” for 2010.  I think pretty reasonable and not out-of-reach.  I’ll try to update this blog throughout the year as to how I’m doing on each one!  If you have any of your own, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what they are!  Goodluck to you all!


2 thoughts on “A New Year means New Goals!

  1. I’m cracking up. 3 out of the 5 are my same resolutions. I think sewing and crocheting are my number 1, followed organizing our house and getting healthy. I know healthy should be number one, but I’m tired of that being number one. I thought if it was number 3 maybe it would have a better chance of coming true. 😉

  2. w/ just the ‘basics’ of wife, mom of 4, career & seeing all
    get to church & the house upkeep & meals
    i’d say you have done way more than most!
    giving yourself well deserved ‘mental health’ time is #1
    for ‘The Rock of the Family’ ! lol….n

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