Thankful Tuesday!

#7 ~ Antiobiotics!  Isabella came down with a massive cold last Wednesday and with it being the Thanksgiving holiday, was just able to get her in to the doctor yesterday.  In just one day, her antibiotic has really helped her and her little face and nose is starting to return to normal!

#8 ~ A loving extended family.  My sister and brother-in-law took the boys to see the Monster Truck show here last Saturday night and so my in-laws watched Isabella and this allowed Kevin and I to shop for the kids for Christmas presents.  I’m just thankful that we live near extended family and that they want to do and be with our kids!

#9 ~ The furnace hasn’t gone out on us yet!  I know this sounds like a weird thing to be thankful for but we have had so many problems with this furnace over the years and usually at the start of the season where we fire it up, something goes wrong and we have to pay for a service call.  So far, so good!

#10 ~ A glass of cold milk!  I love mine with ice in it…just two cubes.  I have a glass every night before I go to bed.


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